Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sketches II

more sketches


Finally i got my semester behind me, it was very stressfull and exhausting. However, I was able to finish 8 pages writing,characterstudies,thumbnails, pencils, inks and changes in less than 4 weeks, which actually shouldnt be a problem at all, but my Illustration teacher wouldnt allow me to fill black spots with black, so i had to x hatch all the big areas, which was really a terrible pain in the arm. Those pages are supposed to be for fairy tale project which is a collaboration of the university fot applied sciencem√ľnster (my school) and a Design School in South Korea. Sadly I cannot upload those pages yet, but as soon as i get permission i will put em online.

Here are some sketches ive done in the last few weeks, I hope you all will enjoy.