Monday, May 18, 2009

Yes I can!

No, dont worry, this isnt going to be another stupid way of using a Barack Obama picture to sell comics or something like that.
What I mean, when I say Yes I can, is that it finally happened! On May 12th of 2009 my first back up story got published for a american comic book publisher. Moonstone Books finally published my artwork, and I have to admit its a great feeling to know that it finally happened. When I read the email by my Publisher, Joe Gentile, I almost started crying out of happyness. I ran up the stairs and hugged and kissed my mother!

The Story is pubished in Captain Action#4, and its only 6 Pages. It tells the story of a Character, called Lai Wan, a person who is able to read peoples thoughts just by touching them.

Joe liked my artwork a lot and Ive just started working on my next project, which is going to be a series called "Bald Eagle". I was told that if everything works out well, Ill be soon working on something bigger!
I hope that all this will finally lead to something bigger! Jim Lee, Im coming :-)!

Since the book has been published I think it will be ok to post the pages here.

If youre interested to buy the book, then either ask your Comic shop for Captain Action#4 by Moonstone books, or buy the book at or here .

All the best,