Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My First Digital Inking

Digital Inks without Background
Digital Inks with Background

So, Once again one of these days that I came home from Work and felt totally tired and exhausted, instead of going to sleep or do anything else that would help to recover a little bit, I started inking a sketch of the phantom that I did a week ago or so. The difference from all the stuff Ive ever posted before, is that I inked it digitally.

My Friend Tom Nachlik (please visit his homepage and tell him what a great artist he is, because thats what he is,gave me a few weeks ago his old wacom graphic tablet, because he bought himself a new one, and probably produces some new hot ass stuff(check his blog and youll know what im talking about).

I had never done any digital inks before. I tried my self on a few pieces before, but never finished them. this time i thought I SHOULD do it, just to see if I CAN do it.
Ive used a bunch of costumized brushes, some layers and voila there you go!

Ive done two versions of the piece, one with an abstract background and another one without any background. I like both. Im not satisfied with the piece, but I think its a good start...sometimes you have to crawl before you can walk.

Tell me what you guys think. Ill be working hard on some new pieces soon, i promise:)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Sketches part1

Ok folks,
here are the promised sketches and so on that Ive promised to upload. Its been a lot of stuff to scan so Im going to upload the other sketches somwhen later.
Hope you all enjoy the stuff:)
Regards from Germany:)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Good News

Hey folks,
just wanted to give you guys a heads up:) thanks for all the great feedback i got from you guys, during my "bad times" things were really hard for me, but now everything is getting better again. Ill have lots of new stuff soon (sketches and concepts). The story im working on for Moonstone comics is almost finished too. so keep your eyes open.

heres something ive done digitally and a pin up i did some time ago:)...hope youll enjoy all the new stuff thats about to come:)