Tuesday, August 21, 2007

JLA 8 Pages

So these were the pages for the DC Talent search...
Not so much to say, since Ive mentioned everything before in my SDCC report.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

SDCC and its aftermath

hey everybody,
sorry for the delay, Ive been quiet busy lately with moving back into my parents house after SDCC.

SDCC was just an amazing experience and kind of sparked my brain. Ive met soooo many great people, who were so friendly and nice to me. I will never forget that.
I arrived in San Diego on tuesday evening finding out on the same evening, that my roombooking for my stay @ USA Hostel San Diego had been canceled, without getting any infos. I was lucky enough to get a place at Hostel Cat another Hostel in San Diego, which was sooo cool.

the Convention Center on Wedensday

Opening, but first get into the line

On wedensday I went to the Convention Center to pick up my four day badge.

I ran around a little bit and checked a few booths and the artist alley. At the DC Booth I met Vertigo Editor Will Dennis (finally in Person), Jim Lee, who told me to come back later to him so that he could introduce me to some WS/DC editors and I met Lee Bermejo, who after all almost 3 Years still remembered me and my name :)
Later on in the artist alley I finally met Richard Friend, Carlos Danda and Eddy Choi(and I think on thursday Michael Lopez).

Me and Will Dennis

Jim Lee @ work

Lee Bermejo singning at the DC Booth

On thursday morning I participated the DC orientation Session and later on the DC talent search, I dropped off my portfolio at their booth and went afterwards straight to the Marvel booth, were I was looking for Chris Allo (talentscout at Marvel), I met him and gave him my portfolio, he told me to come back on Sunday morning because he wanted to talk to me.

Later on I went to the artist alley, where I finally met Leinil Yu (superfriendly guy and he would remember me after we had maybe chatted once via deviantart.com ), Dustin Ngyuen who would invite me to take place next to him, we talked and he introduced me to Joe Dodd, Scott Lobdell and Derek Fridolfs. Later on I met Joe Largent, Travis Charest, Michael Lopez (absolutely cool guy from Wildstorm Comics) and hung around the gelatometti spot in the artist alley. I really got to talk a lot to them especially to Carlos, Michael and Richard (these guys were just suppppercool).


On Friday morning I went to the DC booth to see if I was picked as one of the artists for the DC talent search. Sadly I didnt get picked, which was really a sad and disappointing moment for me, because I had hoped so much to get my chance there.
However later on I met up with Tony Verdini (Panini Comics), Tony was really sad too about the fact that I didnt got picked at the the DC talent search, he went through my portfolio and really seemed to like the stuff I had in there, especially my pages about my kurdisch roots, he asked me to send him the pitch for the story. Afterwards he went through my sketchbook and really liked the Punisher sketches I had in there...which lead to a Idea I cant speak about right now.
After that I went to the DC booth to see Jim Lee again, he introduced me there to Alex Sinclair (colourist and Editor at WS Comics) and Ben Abernathy(Editor at WS). Ben looked at my portfolio and liked my artwork, he gave me his business card and told me to stay in touch with him so that he could send me professional scripts to see where Iam artistically.

On Saturday I met my friend Steven Bryan Lim (finally in person) and his wife Janette, we would run around check booths, visit artists in the artist alley and later on have a lunch at a Restaurant near the Convention Center. Steven and Janette were just superfriendly and it was an awesome experience to meet them, they felt like family to me and it was really nice just talking to my new friends. Thank you both so much! :)

On Sunday morning I went straight to the Marvel booth, where I was looking for Chris Allo. I had to wait and accidently ran into Khoi Pham. Khoi was really friendly to me and gave me some advices on my artwork, sadly he was really busy, so we didnt had too much time to talk.
While waiting for Chris, I checked the Iron Man Costume for the movie

It looks cool, but personally Id say its a fake, liked it though :)

After some waiting I talked to Chris Allo and showed him my portfolio, just like Ben Abernathy he told me to stay in touch with him and that he would send me sample scripts that I could work from, th show on what level Iam artistically.

After talking to Chris I ran around a little bit and went to the Moonstonebooks booth, I showed them my portfolio and Editor in Chief Joe Gentile immeadiatly offered me a gig on one of their books. He gave me his business card and told me that he wants to stay in touch with me.

I would like to thank; Jim Lee, Carlos Dánda, Michael Lopez, Richard Friend, Lee Bermejo, Eddy Choi, Ben Abernathy, ALex Sinclair, Dustin Ngyuen, Tony Verdini, Joe Largent, Leinil Yu, Joe Dodd, Chris Allo, Steven Bryan Lim and Janette Lim, Joe Gentile, Khoi Pham, Jonah, Hostel Cat, Thiago from Brazil, Tristan Vick (for the script) and my family for making this trip possible for me...and everyone Ive forgotten to mention, Im sorry! Youre in my heart too :)

man what a long ass post.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Just 2 let you all know...

Im still alive, and San Diego was off da Hizzay! At the moment I dont have a proper computer to upload any new artwork and any pictures from the show, but all I can say it was more than an amazing experience and it was worth all the trouble!
I met a lot of great people (finally some in person) and I was amazed by how great and friendly everybody was to me, the small guy from Germany with the strange name ;)
Thank you all! I will name you guys in my next post here.
Sedat :)