Monday, May 14, 2007

Im still Sedat from the blog

long time no see! Its been over one month since Ive been posting anything onto the blog and I really have to say it felt kinda strange not having anything new up here.
However, after having my nasal septum straightening ( i hope its the correct term) on april the 30th, which finally made me able to breathe, I wasnt able to draw...blood dripping out of my nose and headache , I finally got my ass up again and started preparing some stuff for the DC talent search @ San Diego Comic Con.

I have different samples Ill be drawing, which include different characters. locations and atmospheares, which I think is a good thing, because it shows where one artist is "artistically" and where the artist is heading to. I started with a Wolverine sample. I really love Wolverine and he is always a lot of fun to draw, because he allows me to draw lots of muscles, scares, blood and other stuff, while I can draw other all day stuff too into a script.

Before I draw on the actual piece of paper I usually draw the page onto piece of printing paper to have an idea of how the page is going to look like in the end and then trace it via lightbox. As you can see from beginning to the end the page goes through different changes, for different reasons. Often Im not satisfied with a pose, the p.o.v or the layout and try to make the best out of it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.
My main focus on these samples is too keep up quality, while working fast, which in the past seemed to be a problem. As i was playing around with some pencils i realized it was more a technical problem than a artistical problem. Since I usually work with a 2mm leadholder it often became a little bit hard for me to work out important details on panels with wiedeshots, so this time I used a tech pencil for panels with wideshots, and see it works. I hope that by the end Ill be able to have high quality pages that dont have the lack of consistence my Batman "broken city" pages had.
Hope you all enjoy the artwork :)


Finished Version: