Monday, November 19, 2007

I Love Jim Lee

Watch the Video!
the Batman picture from "the aspiring comic book artist" is a picture I sent to Jim Lee somewhen back in 2005, as a Thank you gift after having met him in 2004 in Germany. You cant Imagine how I was blown away by the fact that he still had the picture and that hes showed it to the camera.
The Video is a part of an Interview in which Jim leads a camerateam through Wildstorm studios.
I know for most people its not such a big deal, but when I watched the video, after having a really bad day I went to bed with a big smile.
Whenever I met Jim he was really nice and friendly to me and this video just makes me love him more and more!
Thanks so much Jim:)
All the best,

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My New Project

Hey Everybody,
as some of you probably know Im working on my Diploma at the moment. The topic of my Diploma is a graphik novel about a kurdish hero from the 1830s, who fought against other kurdish clans and later on against the ottoman empire.
My teacher told me to create some sort of Internet diary about the making of the book, and since Ive already have my own blogspot, I thought it would be much better to post the entries here.

Sadly I had to cancel the gig at Moonstonebooks, because it was impossible to work on both projects at the same time. I think the book im working on right now has a lot of poetnetial and thats why I rejected the Moonstonebooks gig. I may regret it soon or not, but sometimes youll have to believe in yourself and thats what Im doing right now!

I believe that the project Im working on is more important than anything else Ive done so far:)
I hope I wont regret it:)

Heres some of the art Ive prepared so far.
let me know what you think!
all the best,

one of my favourite scenes

A fight scene
The Hero of the story; Sheikh Mirza