Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sneaking and Peeking

Its been a while since ive been posting anything here. Sadly there some things in life going ways Ive totally havent been expecting them to go, but thats life, you never know whats happening next. I guess the only thing that helps is what 2 Pac used to say; "Keep ya Head up!"
When I was somewhat younger, his music and his words used to spark my brain and helped me to handle situations in life that kind of made it heavy to think about a brighter day.

However, Ive been really busy lately working on a project for school ( University of applied science M√ľnster/ Design department). Its a comic about my kurdish roots and tells one of the stories that actually describes why so many kurds had to flee from their homes and find another home on other continents or in other countries.

These are just a few pictures. I hope to have everything finished by next tuesday...hopefully :)

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Page 2 Prelim:Page 8 Prelim:Page 8 fin:

This is some of the new stuff im working on, since the wolverine script I worked on was really annoying, I thought it wouldbe better to work on something I enjoy.
I started with drawing the last page, actually because it was the easiest shot (im not sure but I think people would call this a money shot).
I really enjoy drawing these pages, but the only problem at the moment is that I have to work on my school stuff too and now that I have recovered from my nose surgery i can work again and have even less time to draw...seems like Ill be having a HARD time at SDCC.
However Ill give my best to make each page looking good.

I hope to be able to draw another sample script after I finish these.
enjoy :)