Friday, April 13, 2007


these are some sketches Ive done in the last few months. I will later on post more stuff. the scanning just takes toooo much time. I hope you all enjoy. more to come later on :)

Sunday, April 01, 2007


This is a Testpage Ive done as an example of how I imagine my next illustrationclass project to look like. The topic of this semester is migration and immigration. I will try to tell the history of the kurds in my story, because the kurdish history is full of migration. Because of the many surpressions the kurds went through they have been forced to move out their land and move onto other countries trying to find a new home to live free.

This Page is just a collage of different impressions and pictures that I connect with my kurdish identity. In the first panel you can see my late Grandfather ( hie was one of the most important people in my life, I loved him more than any other person in my whole life. He was the person who gave me my name and also took care of me when he came to Germany). In Panel 2 you can see a kurdish heardsman. Most of the Kurds, especially in the turkish part (north- kurdistan), make their living as farmers. Because of the political situation there arent too many possibilities for the kurds who dont move to the west of Turkey or Europe to get a better education or have a better life.
In the third Panel we see Hasankeyf. Hasankef is a area full of historical evidences for the kurdish, turkish and the persian cultures. Now a days the turkish government is planning to flood the area of Hasankeyf, humanrights activists and kurdish organisations blame the government to try to flood these areas to chase away the kurds out of this area to either push them into the west part of or even more into the eastern part of Turkey.
In te last panel we see a old kurdish woman baking bread the traditonally way. We call this bread "Nane sele". When the bread is finished, you can put flesh and vegatables into it and wrap it. I really love that bread :)

Im not very satiesfied with the composition though, because i think the black background in Panle 1 and the layout for panel 2.
However it was just a tryout page, and I think the next pages will be better:)

All the best,
Sedat :)