Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sketchbook Cover step by step

Hey friends,
A few weeks ago a friend of mine (Achim Reinecke) told me that I should finally do a sketchbook.
I liked the Idea (actually i liked it a lot), and thought there should be something special about.

While doodling around and playing a little bit with different pencil tones I accidently found out, that my shadingskills have gotten a little bit better. So I did a bunch of try out pieces on printing paper, and yes it truely worked. So I thought to myself why shouldnt I try out something big?

Well, this is what came out in the end. I really like this piece, something that doenst happen usually:-)

The first step was to draw the picture on average printing paper and adding lightsources and minimal shading to the prelim. After that I lightboxed the picture (Sadly I didnt do a scan of the lightboxed piece, but you can get the Idea from looking at the unfinished pieces). Then I went down and added the gray tones. Ive used black bencils and every possible soft pencil (3B - 8B) and some graphite pencil.

I hope you guys enjoy the artwork. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. More a like to come soon:-)