Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some School Stuff

This is some Stuff Ive done for my Editorial class. In this class our teacher would give us a topic and we were supposed to create fictional covers for these topics.
I actually had a real hard time with this class, because it started about the time I moved out of my appartment, at the same time my new computer wouldnt run smoothly and I had no internet access, which in my humble opinion is neccessary to pass this class.
However with a lot of determenation and hard work I was able to get all that stuff done on time.

The cool thing for me was I was able to experiment with digital colouring programs and with different inking styles. I also liked that I had to draw, normal people without lots of muscles and angry looking faces.

I couldnt upload some of the other pictures...but as soon as I have fixed that problem Ill upload them.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dont Forget this Face and some Table Dancing

Ok, this is probably the last time youre gonna see my face like that, although its still not clear when my nose is going to be operated, i thought I should at least give you all the chance to have a "before - after" comparison...yeah I look like I jerk.
Below are some more Pictures I did some long time ago of my Desk, actually its just some sort of evidence to proof folks that even a lazy slacker like me is least my Desk looks like im doing some work :) btw. that was in my old appartment...oh how i miss that office, bedroom, kitchen and living room in one appartment ;)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Batman will hate my Nose! and I do too

Ususally human beings need their nose to breathe or to smell, Iam one of those poor guys that cant do neither. Both of my noseholes are closed, because both holes are to tight to my nosebone, plus my nosebone is lean. That means I cannot breathe at day nor at night, causing insomnia, the feeling of being totally exhausted wehn I wake up in the morning, a dry mouth, problems with my lounges and much more, I decided to visit my doctor.
After checking my nose and my lounges, I recieved some bad news. He told me that my nose has to be operated so that Ill hopefully will be able to breathe properly. Ill have to stay for 2 or 3 days in Hospital, and after that I wont be able to work for the next 3 weeks. That was really the worst news he had for me, because a few weeks ago I got in touch with DC/Vertigo editor Wil Dennis ( Hellblazer, DMZ...). He sent me a Batman script to work on, and now that Im on schoolbreak, i thought it would be the best time to work on those pages. I feel totally screwed and it really messed up my day, but I wont let that get me down, Ill do the Batman pages, even if that causes nosebleeding, headache or even death!
Nothing can stop me from working on those Pages :D

However here is some art which I had on my computer and thought I should share with you guys. the first two pages are Wolverine Pages from a script from a friend of mine. I didnt finish them because I moved out of my appartment in October 06 and after that I had to do a lot of stuff for school, plus going to work can be really really hard!
This was the first step for the Punisher Pin up Ive posted some days earlier. It was a lot of fun to draw. As you can see I did the BG with a ruler, but when I light boxed the pic I didnt. That was because, when I work with a ruler on my BGs they always look made up and kind of stiff, so right now I use the ruler only as a orientation tool.

this is a darkened version of the inks. I tried to make the brushlines disappear, it looks cleaner now, but in some way sterile too, ot sure if thats a good thing though.
This was one of my first attempts with digital colouring. I had a lot of fund oing it but im not sure if it looks good. Im partially colourblind, so if there any mistakes then please domt be too mad at me. Below you can see the finished version with some type and the logo, I did just for fun.

Monday, February 05, 2007


These are unused sample pages i did back in october 2005. i had prepared them for the "Frankfurt Book Fair" 2005, where I met Jim Lee again. he reviewed the pages, but sadly he wasnt too overwhelmed by the pages and he was ( i guess) a little bit disappointed by the low numbers of Pages I had prepared for the book fair. He told me that I should do at least 3 pages a week. After the con I became very Ill for almost 4 months. I couldnt concentrate, was coughing all the time, my hands were shaking and more. That was one of the worst periods in my whole life.

However, I never finished these Pages. maybe someday Ill draw the entire story again.
Story: Tristan Vick
Art: Sedat Özgen