Thursday, October 01, 2009

Lets Put a Smile on that Face! :-)

Hey Folks,
So Im preparing for F.A.C.T.S convention in Belgium and Im totally excited of how things will be there. The Convention Programm has a lot of great artists pros and aspiring artists, so I hope to meet a lot of great people, make some new friends and ofcourse meet some old friends too.

Ive prepared some artwork for the convention that I will sell and also bring some of my older works and try to sell them. mostly I will sell rough sketches but also some of my more elaborte artwork.

My buddy Achim also printed a sketchbook, that I will be selling during the convention. I hope people will be interested in buying the sketchbook and some of my original Artwork too.

Here are some of the pictures Ive prepared for the convention.
I hopeyou all like it, and if someone of who reads this blog will be there too, just come over and say hi:)