Thursday, January 18, 2007

Train - Ing

These are some sketches I did while I was riding the train. I have to travel 2 or 3 times a week from Bielefeld to Münster which makes 3hrs everytime. Sometimes I sleep during the trip but most of the time Im drawing into my sketchbook. Thats why I gave my sketchbook the name "Train-Ing"...:)
Its the first time I keep up drawing in a sketchbook, before I bought this sketchbook I used to draw on lose sheets of printingpaper.
Hope you all enjoy the art,
Sedat :)


daly city steven said...


Fochod said...

Those Conan sketches are amazing.

Olli said...

Really nice stuff.
So far I think your pencils are stronger than you inks(in the sequentials especially).
But I love the wide range of subjects you have in your sketches.
Keep it up!
I'll definitely keep checking this blog out.

SedatOezgen said...

Steven and Fochod, thanks a lot for the nice words. Im glad you enjoy the artwork ;)

Olli, thanks bro and Im glad you found your way here too and maybe check more often whats going on over here.
I have to say that I just started to Ink my own artwork and I know that there are lot of flaws, but maybe with time therell be some improvement.because only penciling got kind of boring to me lately.
Im glad you enjoy the sketches.
Thanks for the nice words,
Sedat :D