Friday, April 13, 2007


these are some sketches Ive done in the last few months. I will later on post more stuff. the scanning just takes toooo much time. I hope you all enjoy. more to come later on :)


futurepest said...

Nice sketches. One comment however; please brush up on your equine anatomy. You have one too many bends in your horse's right foreleg.

poppart said...

man man. guten output, der herr. beeindruckend. jetzt versteh ich wieso du nicht scannen wolltest =D
ich werd auch bald mal wieder was hochladen, hab meinen blog sterben lassen. grüße, ich hoffe man sieht sich bald

poppart said...

ach jo.
ich finde der obere von sketch21.jpg ist ziemlich geil, der style funktioniert ziemlich gut. weniger ist da deutlich mehr - würd ich sagen =D

Andrea said...

Wow,nice job man!

dustin said...

these are great sedat, i really liek your batman. as far as artist alley, i've no idea where or if i will get a table this year. its always a suprise to me if i get it or not haha.

i think this year if i get one,i'll be glad, if not, i think i'll be even more glad. maybe then i can enjoy the show more.

Let me know where you'll be and i'll find my way over to say hey. If anything i will be over at the DC booth a lot.

see you there!


bathunter said...

Hallo Sedat,


melde mich schon jetzt zum "würfeln" an ;-).

Dein "alter2 Fan

Guenter W.

NorthChavis said...

Hi Sedat,
A friend gave me the link to your sight because we are both Batman fans, and he saw your 'Broken City' pages and wanted me to take a look. Wow. Even more than your art, which is great, I was impressed by your speed. I struggle just to get one page done, let alone 15. But if I wanna make it in this business... Also, I don't know if you're familiar with them, but two artists I think you'd like are Travel Foreman (he just did a book called 'Ares' for Marvel) and Ariel Olivetti (who's doing 'Punisher War Journal'). Keep up the great work!