Monday, October 15, 2007

Stormwatch P.H.D

Hey Folks,
Here are the Wildstorm sample Pages Ive talked about in my earlier post. The script is based on the first four pages of the second issue of "Stormwatch PHD" comic series.
I have never drawn any of these characters before, and have to say that I still dont know too much about them, but I have to say it was quite funny drawing these characters, especially "the walking ghost", the bald headed Guy.

Usually I tend to talk a lot about the stuff I draw, but in this case its not too much I can say. However, during the process I felt like that something improved in my art. I think in some cases the perspectives are more dynamic and less stiff. Ive been trying to create the Illusion of depth in the panels and I think it worked much better than it did in all the samples ive posted before.
I cannot tell wether this will change anything for me and make me become a "pro" now, if Wildstorm will show any interest in me as an artist or anything else. By the end of the day it was a good exercise, Ive enjoyed drawing it and I have some new stuff for my portfolio :)

So here we go, I hope you guys will enjoy these Pages, and if you like em, post a comment! Id appricciate that a lot :)

Now Ill let the art speak for it self


Jeremy said...

Hey saw these pages over at DW and left a comment. Great work! Hope to see more soon!


tomek's world of liquor said...

if wildstorm doesn't offer you a job now, i'll never buy any of their books again.

hey jeremy, how is it going?

SedatOezgen said...

hey Jeremy,
thank you for the nice words :) Im glad you came over and said hi and that you liked the artwork :)

lets see what happens ;) Maybe I can get my shotat the other project during Comic Action ;)lets see
All the best,

daly city steven said...


i just saw this ebay auction of artwork for punisher vs. witchblade by adrian melo.

my thought: your art is ALMOST, but not quite, as good as this guy's art.

so be encouraged.

here's the link:

my goal is not that you become as good as adrian melo; my goal is that you become as good as travis + steve mcniven + adi granov.

so keep drawing.

your friend in daly city, california, that just had a big earthquake,

steven lim

Julkillo said...

Hey ,good work you´re a very talanted guy.Congratulations