Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sketchbook Cover step by step

Hey friends,
A few weeks ago a friend of mine (Achim Reinecke) told me that I should finally do a sketchbook.
I liked the Idea (actually i liked it a lot), and thought there should be something special about.

While doodling around and playing a little bit with different pencil tones I accidently found out, that my shadingskills have gotten a little bit better. So I did a bunch of try out pieces on printing paper, and yes it truely worked. So I thought to myself why shouldnt I try out something big?

Well, this is what came out in the end. I really like this piece, something that doenst happen usually:-)

The first step was to draw the picture on average printing paper and adding lightsources and minimal shading to the prelim. After that I lightboxed the picture (Sadly I didnt do a scan of the lightboxed piece, but you can get the Idea from looking at the unfinished pieces). Then I went down and added the gray tones. Ive used black bencils and every possible soft pencil (3B - 8B) and some graphite pencil.

I hope you guys enjoy the artwork. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. More a like to come soon:-)


Dürsin said...

Hey Sedat, thats fuck'n awesome... this is the best what you've ever drawn... Batman looks like hes gonna kill you right now... and there is so many angryness in Hulk's face... great... they all look like they're gonna move they're asses right infront of you on the paper... really good artwork...

thomasnachlik said...

sehr cooles bild. aber jetzt pass auf: nimm den kopf von hulk vom oberen bild (prelim), zeichne alles in diesem stil, vielleicht mit etwas kräftigerer schraffur und du bist unbesiegbar. dein ganzes sketchbook sollte in diesem simplen stil sein, das ist deine stärke.

savon599 said...

That's bananas! You've definitely stepped up your skills! You put a fire under me! Very inspiring. I gotta go draw now! Keep up the good work!