Sunday, October 09, 2011

UsVs.Them Workflow

Final Prelim

(For Some reason, Blogger seems to be having problems uploading the pictures properly, so pleas check the Link abover each picture).

Ok, so Ive finished all the pages for the "Us Vs. Them" Pitch, that my friend John Mahoney (writer of "The Last Mortal"). Additionally to the Pages Ive illustrated, Ive also created a Cover for the Pitch.
I wanted to share my workflow on this Cover with you guys,
since I really believe its a one of the best pieces Ive illustrated within the last few years.

Before I start illustrating the cover usually I do a thumbnail, which I didnt do this time.
I sat down in front of a blank sheet of paper and started drawing.
Ive used a blueline pencil and 200gsm Doree paper for the Prelim.

I was very satisfied with how the picture turned out. The only thing that bothered me was the big figure in the center of the piece. I just didnt like the way it looked like and felt like I could do way better.

So I scanned the piece and put another figure into the center, and voila it looked way better.
Now the Picture had all the energy and power I was seeking for in the initial sketch. I printed
the picture out and put it on my lightbox and traced the picture and then started inking it. During the tracing process I realized that the two eyes at the bottom of the picture would be too much and might be confusing. So I let them out during the inking process.

After the Inking was done I started the Inkwash, which usually is the biggest fun, but also sometimes can be the part where the picture Is being screwed up. In this Case luckily it worked.

I hope you like the final Piece. let me know what
you guys think about it :)
All the best wishes,

Sedat :)


Freezer965 said...

Thank you for explaining your work here. I found it very interesting to read the steps you do, so I can understand how people in this buisiness work ^^

Anyway, there is something I didn't understand and I thought I could ask it here, in case anybody else wants to know.
When you trace the picture on your lightbox, do you use a pencil and then start inking over it or do you immediatly ink?

I'm going to search for inkwashing on youtube to answer that part by myself ^^

SedatOezgen said...

Hey Freezer,

Im glad you found the step by step helpful:)

I usually use a pencil to trace the artwork, because i cant sit in fron of a lightbox for too long. I am sure that there are many artists, that ink on their lightbox, but I usually use a pencil (especially because I wont have to be afraid to spill my ink on the Lightbox :-) )

Actually Inkwash is just watered down Ink, which has a grey tone and can be used to create tonal artwork. thats it :)
This Video is quite good :)