Monday, June 05, 2006


Here are some sketches I did with markers and fineliners. I have to say it is always quite cool to use other mediums than just pencils. As far as I can say my favourite mediums are markers, it is sooo much fun and I think the sketches always look very cool. Ive tried the markers on a comicpage out too, which I will post later on. I love sketching around and trying out stuff, playing around with the pen usually helps me the most to learn.
so what do you think??
More to come soon :)
All the best,

by the way, thanks to all you guys visiting and posting comments I really appricciate that.


Echo said...

Hey nice blog! I really like your style:) Glad everybody has a blog now:)

Jon Tsuei said...

Wonderful art Sedat. I'm djkrunchie on the Art of Jim Lee site, so I followed the link from there. Keep up the great work.

SedatOezgen said...

Glad you guys like the art :)
Echo, I was wondering where you got the link from?? artofjimlee? artofTravischarest? deviantart?? or Penciljack? just wondering ;)

Krunchie, its cool to have you here. My selfpromotion on those msn boards seems to have been successfully...hahaha :D. But seriously, I think those messageboards are great to get in contact with lots of cool folks, that have the same interests.

Ill upload some new stuff as soon as possible.

daly city steven said...

you need to practice drawing hair.