Friday, June 02, 2006

My "Office"

This is where all the "magic" happens. When Im in a working-mood my table usually looks very chaotic, as soon as I start a new project I usually clean up my table, that has become some sort of ritual.
As you probably can see I have a mirror in front of my table, I use it for facial expressions and it really was helpful to me in the past.
Im also having two lamps on my table, because I gotta have lots of light when Im drawing, it kinda helps me to work out the details in the art and i think its more healthy for my eyes.
One thing I hate about my office is that Im all alone in it (I remember Eddy Choi, manager of the Jime Lee and Travis Charest MSN board, writing in one of his messages how sad it must be to be working all alone in a studio/office and all I can say is; he was soooo damn right). Im living in a studentapartment, which is very small and there is no mark between my livingarea and my workingarea. I hope that as soon as I move together with my fiance, that i will move into a bigger apartment, where i have a better diferentation between working and living area.

All the best,


victor said...

Hey sedat, vctr here from pj. Just wanted to stop in say I'm following your work. You've been really kickin' lately, are those ultimate pages on the desk? By the way are you working on any sub? for the con season? Planning on attending any cons? Best wishes as always.

SedatOezgen said...

Hey Victor,
thanks for stopping by and the nice words:) Yeah those are Ultimates pages, which Ive started drawing October05 but never finished them. They were for the Frankfurt Book Fair 05, where I met Jim Lee (again) and he reviewed them. Sadly they werent good enough. Ive never even scanned or put them online. I will put em online as soon as it gets. Right now im preparing some pages for a project in my Illustartionclass, after that I have to finish some pages from Dustin Weavers "assassins guild". sadly there arent too much conventions in Germany, and I cannot attend " Comic salon Elangen 06" a french/german comic con due lack of time or any cons in the states, because that would just cost me way to much. However, I think i should have some pages up by the end of the month or the beginning of july.
All the best,

daly city steven said...

dude, i loved the cluttered desk!
i'll be leaving for el salvador tonight.
talk to you when i get back!
have a good weekend,

steven in daly city, california usa

Marvin DurĂ¡n said...

nice desk, Sedat. looking at your desk makes want to put more clutter on mine.
your art keeps getting better and better.

SedatOezgen said...

Hey there,
thanks steven!! I hope youll have a good journey and that you make it home save and healthy. Good Luck;) !
marvin, trust me it might look cool but everytime i draw i have to search for hours to find my eraser or other stuff that gets lost under all that clutter :). I think i will shoot some photos everytime im into a drawingsession in the future so you guys can see what a mess my desk is.
thanks for the nice words and stopping by to all of you :)