Monday, February 05, 2007


These are unused sample pages i did back in october 2005. i had prepared them for the "Frankfurt Book Fair" 2005, where I met Jim Lee again. he reviewed the pages, but sadly he wasnt too overwhelmed by the pages and he was ( i guess) a little bit disappointed by the low numbers of Pages I had prepared for the book fair. He told me that I should do at least 3 pages a week. After the con I became very Ill for almost 4 months. I couldnt concentrate, was coughing all the time, my hands were shaking and more. That was one of the worst periods in my whole life.

However, I never finished these Pages. maybe someday Ill draw the entire story again.
Story: Tristan Vick
Art: Sedat Özgen


Jesus Pantoja Jr. said...

Love the blog and your art.


Tristan Vick said...

Another year gone by. Wow, where does the time go?

These pages turned out nice. You are very tallented. I think I must agree with Jim Lee... 3 pages a week is a must. It proves you have the metal to be a real artist, push out pages, and balance other things.

Many artists have families and what not... so that takes up there time. Being fast, showing consistancy, and being steady in your drawing are just some of the things the best artists do.

I know you have the ability to be great. Some hard work and dedication will get you a long way. Your skills are already there.

I wish we could have finished that other project we had going. That would have been ten pages of great practice work for you. And if you followed Jim Lees advice you would have had it done in 3 weeks! Wowza!

Stay in touch buddy!