Sunday, June 03, 2007


Page 2 Prelim:Page 8 Prelim:Page 8 fin:

This is some of the new stuff im working on, since the wolverine script I worked on was really annoying, I thought it wouldbe better to work on something I enjoy.
I started with drawing the last page, actually because it was the easiest shot (im not sure but I think people would call this a money shot).
I really enjoy drawing these pages, but the only problem at the moment is that I have to work on my school stuff too and now that I have recovered from my nose surgery i can work again and have even less time to draw...seems like Ill be having a HARD time at SDCC.
However Ill give my best to make each page looking good.

I hope to be able to draw another sample script after I finish these.
enjoy :)


Figue said...

Ultra clean work!

I could never do prelims so detailed, all my roughs are made of stick-figures and boxes or just an horizontal line.

Your work is very american I think you'll have no problem getting in the comics market specially because it's very professional already, I can only guess how it will look with inks and colors on top :)

Sean said...

Looks GREAT Sedat! How much stuff are you bringing to the SDCC? I'm thinking about going out there myself and showing my stuff...

Guglie said...

Good stuff there Sedat!

I followed your blog from PencilJack (I'm Caimano there).

Page 2 is really good (I saw the updated version with the panel 1 done in PJ). The splash has some "storytelling" confusion as PJers already told you, but the drawing is amazing.

Lue Sang said...

Gah! A blog! Now, since I like y our work, I gotta follow this AND your penciljack posts! lol

Great work man - keep it up!

Joel said...

Wow man I saw you stuff first ont he image forum then checked out your blog, then came back to see if you had updated both art and after your nose operation.

These pages are really really nice. If no one jumps on you at sdcc, drop me a line. I have a script I'm trying to finish up that would look really nice with your pencils. (it just happens to have some giant robots in it) Or if your interested at all drop me a line.

skrubbles said...

Fantastic pages! Page 2 is looking great so far and I'm totally diggin' the finals for page 8.

Mark said...

Solid stuff Sedat.

SedatOezgen said...

hey Everybody,
thanks for all the nice words and the great feedback!

I actually did them the way you describe it, but I often tend to change a lot in the end (which often is better, not always), but ir really helped me to be more brave on my art, and usually the stuff turns out ok.
Id say my pneciling style is very inspired/influenced by american artists (Jim Lee, Travis Charest, Adam Hughes, Leinil Yu etc.) but Im trying to give it my own style.

thank you! I will finish these Pages, also some illustrated pages and hopefully another sample with marvel characters. But all in all I will bring some other stuff too with me, just in case somebody wants to see the developement I had within the last few months.

thanks alot. Im glad you enjoyed page 2 it was a lot of fun to draw it. Im not sure If ill keep page 8 that way. I used it to get warmed up with the characters :)

@Lue sang,
thanks man, glad you liked it.

thank you for checking again. I hope it was worth it. The nose surgery went down perfectly (knock on wood).
At the moment Im really just concentrating on SDCC and my school. Since Ill hopefully will graduate university I have to work hard to get a job afterwards (as a Comic book artist/ illustrator).

thanks you liked it. Page 8 probably will be changed ater I finish all the other pages :D

thank you! gald you like it ;)

All the best,

Tristan Vick said...

Woo! Nice art dude. Can't wait for some updates. Good luck in San Diego Comic Con!

Haiko Hörnig said...

Awesome work! I really like the level of detail you put on the page. Looking forward to seeing your stuff on the bookshelfs ^^.