Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sneaking and Peeking

Its been a while since ive been posting anything here. Sadly there some things in life going ways Ive totally havent been expecting them to go, but thats life, you never know whats happening next. I guess the only thing that helps is what 2 Pac used to say; "Keep ya Head up!"
When I was somewhat younger, his music and his words used to spark my brain and helped me to handle situations in life that kind of made it heavy to think about a brighter day.

However, Ive been really busy lately working on a project for school ( University of applied science Münster/ Design department). Its a comic about my kurdish roots and tells one of the stories that actually describes why so many kurds had to flee from their homes and find another home on other continents or in other countries.

These are just a few pictures. I hope to have everything finished by next tuesday...hopefully :)


tomek's world of liquor said...

der hammer!

patman said...


this is pat from the old jim lee msn group. your art is really getting better and better as time goes by. good luck on SDCC. you have really great samples. i really like your wolverine sample. remember me when you are a rich and famous comic artist. :)

Benjamin said...

Sedat, this is heart wrenching stuff. I'm actually not in the comic world at all, but my brother introduced me to digital webbing, and I found this incredible piece of work on there. Felt moved to comment, thank you so much for sharing your gift and using it to portray something that would usually not see the light of day in sequential art.

Guglie said...

Very different style approach from the stuff I saw on PJ from you (wolwie, JLA etc...).
I really like it...it's more "mature" approach and fits the story (as far as I understood) very well

SedatOezgen said...

@all people (though there arent too much) checking my blog, my apologies for not posting regulary lately, but there has been lot of stuff going on lately that kept me really busy, so that I couldnt post too much stuff...

danke man :) freut mich sehr, dass es dir gefällt;)

thank you bro. Ofcourse I still remember you, how could I forget. Hope your son is doing fine. thank you for the nice words and Im glad that youre enjoying the wartwork. I will need a lot of luck @ SDCC

wow Im glad that the artwork was able to create such a emotinal statement from you and wake a persons interest that isnt to much involved into comics world. It was very important for me to create something that would would tell a story which hasnt been told yet (at least not in comics). glad to have you enjoying the artwork.:)

thank you and Im glad that you like the stuff! a lot of people keep wondering why I change styles, but I dont see this a change of style but rather as a part of my personality and varitey of what I can produce/ offer. I think a style like Id use for JLA or Wolverine wouldnt fit into the story that Im trying to tell.
I always keep the visuality of movies in my head, and how a director would tell a story. For example Steven Spielberg, I dont think he would use the same camera angles, atmospeher etc. he used for "schindlers list" as he has been using for "war of the worlds" or something like that. I think an artist(even if im not a pro)should be able to recreate himself everytime he tells a new story... but I dont know if thats a good thing though.

Thank you all for your comments, theyre appricciated.
Best wishes,

Todd Michael Rogers said...

Man, your stuff is good ma man, your stuff is so good!

drop mer a line, lets start this friendship.


hey sedat just want to stop by from seeing at the jim lee blog and wanted to say:



Ciwanê said...

Her bijî ji te re hevalê hêja. SERKEFTIN!
Viel Erfolg!

Gruß, serhad