Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A new Chapter

So, finally its done, Ive finished my studies at the university for applied science of münster (department for design) and recieved my diploma, and finished the first chapter for my graphic novel about the kurdish hero, Sheikh Mirza. Within the last 3 weeks Ive been working day and night, to get the project done. It was the first time I had to pencil and ink this number of pages, and Ive learned that I am able to keep a deadline, and keep up quality with quantity. However, while I was working on this project Ive started using a crow quill, which to me was a experience of a lifetime. I think Ive learned a lot while i was working on this project and even if there shouldnt be any publishers being interested (which I dont hope), at least there will be a higher level of Skills ill be able to offer...
All the best wishes and from now on Ill be posting more regulary again, I promise:)


Tristan Vick said...

Now that's what I'm talking about! New art & updates! Woo! Love the art.

Congratulations on your graduation. What are your plans now?

SedatOezgen said...

hey Trsitan:)
thanks for the nice words:)
Right ow Im sending submissions for my Book to european publishers to see if anyones interested in publishing the book. for some reasons I dont think american publishers would be interested in publishing a book like this...other than that Ill send new submissions to the "Big Ones" out hoping anyone will give me a chance... lets see:)

Tom said...

Glad to see the hard work's paying off for you, man. Good job. From what I've seen, everything is looking great! Good luck Sedat! I'll be pulling for you!

daly city steven said...


that panel where the guys are drawn at an angle. very nice!

can't wait to see more! draw! draw! draw!

hope you are well,
in daly city, california, usa
steven lim

tomek's world of liquor said...

hey sedat!
habe eine neue website: