Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year...a little bit belated:)

Hey Guys,
havent been posting anything lately, not because im lazy, not becase im not working on anything, but rather because of the fact that Im working 24/7. The Pencils for my Graphik Novel are almost finished (traced the stuff too...32 Pages) and now the inking process is going to start. I think the book has become really good so far and that it will be fun for people to read it once its cannot imagine how curious Iam to see how people will react on it. I hope that it either will be picked by an european or maybe by an american publisher.

However, in the one of the few moments that people call sapre time I drew this "300" sketch... actually this was supposed to be King Leonidas, but instead this guy looks like some ugly guy. However, I thought it would be cool to post it and just to let you all know that everythings fine, and Im working hard, everyday...sadly sometimes I have to put the pens down and take care of some reallife stuff but all I can say is that the Artwork (including the inking) will be completetd by the beginning of Feburary. So take deep breathe, say a prayer for me that some publisher will give me the chance to tell this story! See you all soon! Love and hugs from the small guy:)
Best wishes,


Oliver Popp said...

Hey Mister !

Endlich passiert hier wieder was. Mindestens jeden zweiten Tag klick ich mir hier drauf und hoffe... =)
Dein Style wird ja weiter souveräner, immer mehr Sedat würd ich sagen. Bin sehr gespannt wie du gerade diplommässig unterwegs bist und drücke dir Daumen das deine Deadline dir nicht in den Rücken fällt.
Draw on,

daly city steven said...

new year's hug from janette and steven in daly city, california! 'bout time you posted!