Sunday, October 19, 2008


Howdy Folks,
been sometime since I stopped here and posted some of my stuff. Been busy a lot lately (again)...
However Ive finished my first story for Moonstonebooks, and my editor liked the artwork a lot. He told me that he wants me to draw another book, but this time a entire oneshot (30 Pages or so).

Its not save to say wheter itll happen or not, but im already excited as it gets. Ive also been working on some Characterdesigns for some computercompanies to get a fulltime job. Its been fun having a break from sequential art and to try out enviroment drawings and characterdesigns. Ive learned more about working digitally and its been quite funny.

Here are some examples of what Ive been doing lately. Sadly I cannot upload my pages for the Moonstone gigs, but as soon as Ill get an ok Ill post em here:)

Enjoy the stuff:)

Thor about to beat an Ugly Demons Ass...Ill ink this piece digitally soon...I promise:)


Tom said...

COngrats on all the success, Sedat! Keep up the good work! Is the book going to get published?

daly city steven said...

please let me know how i can buy one!

congrats from daly city, california usa!

whoo hoo!

SedatOezgen said...

thanks man, yeah the book will be published @ Moonstonebooks (i still dont know when, but it will happen:) )
as soon as I get the info when its available ill let you know, im not sure but i think the time it comes out it will be available via diamond or the way, i hope you liked the contraposto in the thorpiece:)

daly city steven said...

work that contropasto baby!
i'm very proud of you!
keep up the drawing!
daly city, ca usa

Oliver Popp said...

WOW, bin beeindruckt.
Da guck ich hier ständig
und nix passiert und dann sowas =)
Der Royal Guard ist Rock´n´Roll, saugeil.
Was für ein Spiel ist denn das ?

Bin gespannt auf mehr Herr Oezgen.


savon599 said...

Props to you man!...Your blog is very inspiring...I check it all the time..

BTW where did u get that big mirror near your drawing table?..I NEED one of those!

SedatOezgen said...

Hey Olli, danke dir:) freut mich, dass dir die Arbeiten gefallen. Die Entwürfe sind Bewerbungsarbeiten für 2 Computerspieleentwickler Firmen. Ich brauch jetzt mal einen festen vernünftigen Job. Ich bin zwar mit dem Digitalen Zeugs nicht so gut aber versuche das beste rauszuholen:)

Wenn was bei herumkommen sollte, dann sag ich bescheid:)

thanks man, im really glad to hear that you like the stuff its always a good feeling to inspire other people. I got that Mirror from my mother. I remember how she wanted to throw that mirror away and I held her back. I think youll find one of those at any market or so:)

Thanks for the comments:)