Monday, February 09, 2009

Here we go again

Hey Folks,
long time no post, due to lack of time I havent been able to update the blog and post some new stuff. Ive been quiet busy lately and had to go through hard times (as usual), but hey they say "what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger!" and I totally have to agree on that. Although Im still thinking about the stuff that has happened lately, It doesnt bother me as much as it did in the beginnng.
However, my first shortstory should be published soon, (I dont know exactly when), but Ill let you all know when and where you can purchase it. As Ive mentioned before I did the pencils and the Inks on this project (inks Digitally), and my editor liked the stuff, he liked it so much, that he wants me to draw a BI-Monthly Book for them, which in my opinion is a great step forward.
Sadly, the colouring didnt turned out as Ive been hopeing, but since I didnt colour the book, its not my fault;)

I really hope that this whole thing will lead me to more projects and maybe to a gig with a bigger Publisher as well.

Heres some of the Artwork.
I hope you all enjoy it,


Mateusz Maslon said...

Hi Sedat!

Coole Sachen zeigst Du wieder!Wie ich Dir schon in Deinem Post `My first digital inking` geschrieben habe,freut es mich dass Du auch digital arbeitest,es bringt viele Vorteile.Wie ich sehe wirst Du auch immer besser darin.Achte nur darauf,dass deine digitalen Sachen nicht zu sehr von Deinem eigenen Stil abdrifften,Zeichnung 2 und 3 z.B. sehen schon etwas nach Thomas Nachlik aus.Hau rein und weiterhin viel erfolg!Gruß,

savon599 said...

Good to see you back! Hope everything is ok with you..I always check your blog..Very inspiring..and it's great to see the growth in your artwork..

daly city steven said...

what crazy stuff is going on with you this year? please keep me posted. nice to hear you're alive! saw you on travis' new board this morning.
i will pray for your blessing,
steven lim
daly city, ca usa

thomas n. said...

wow, ich habe einen stil? kühl... ;)

willtiggety said...

Awesome art man found this blog through the old Travis Charest boards and I've been watching it for a while. Very inspirational.

SedatOezgen said...
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SedatOezgen said...

Hey Folks,
thanks for the great Feeback so far:-)

danke dir sehr es freut mich zu sehen, dass dir meine digitalen Arbeiten gefallen. Ich muss zugeben, dass Toms Arbeiten einen starken Eindruck bei mir hinterlassen haben. Toms Sachen sind so verdammt gut dass ich wahrscheinlich nicht mehr gemerkz habe, dass ich was von ihm übernommen hab:) meine nächsten Arbeiten werden aber definitiv wieder 100% Sedat sein;)

thanks man, I always appricciate your posts and Iam always happy if I can inspire other artists:)

man 2008 was really a horrible year for me in many ways, so I hope 2009 will be better:)
At least i will be drawing much more this year;)

du hast sogar einen verdammt geilen Stil;)

thanks man. Always great to have other TC fans over here:) Im always happy to hear that people do like my stuff and that I can inspire them as well:)

Thanks everybody,

Anonymous said...
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Gelatomettista said...

Hey sedat
Really cool stuff here!
Sorry for the mistaken identity on the JimLee blog...I know another Sedat from Germany who at one time requested some sketches for his birthday...stay well

Gelatomettista said...

Hey stuff!! like the high contrast you have going apologies on the sketch comment on the jimlee blog...i mistook you for some one else by the same name who asked for a couple of sketches, and actually was from germany as well!