Monday, March 09, 2009

Not finished yet

I think Conan is going to kick this Dudes Ass;)

I started this picture just for fun. Im not sure if Iam going to finish it, Ive been working on it in my sparetime. The new project thatIm hopefully going to work on for Moonstonebooks is so great and I cant wait to finally get the first script:-)

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did enjoy drawing this...I love details:)


daly city steven said...

i hate that this blogger stuff is in german. because i can't read it!
i'm glad to see you posting again!
that travis x-men piece is making me cry. since i'm one of your biggest fans, and biggest critics, i'm going to continue to critique your art as i see it. you can make conan even more dynamic by twisting the "contropasto" even more. his shoulders still look parallel to his hips. the legs add a bit of contropasto, but its the twisting of the hips relative to the shoulders that gives it that extra dynamic.

2nd: please work on drawing fingers and knuckles, and hands, and fists.

please reference nightcrawler's hands, even though he only has 3 fingers on each hand, look at the detail travis is able to put into the fingers and knuckles and hands.

learn from the best!

glad to see you posting again!
hope you are well,
steven in daly city

thomas n. said...

du benutzt immer noch keine referenzen, oder? ich mag die dynamik in diesem bild, aber wenn du anfängst wie david finch zu zeichnen, dann musst du mehr auf perfekte anatomie achten (unterarme, übergang von brust zu schulter, faust). digicam raus und fotos machen oder einen spiegel beutzen... aber du hörst ja nicht auf mich...