Monday, November 16, 2009

A lot to catch up

Hey Folks,

long time no see. Sadly lately I wasnt able to post any news, because I had some problems with my Computer I wasnt able to enter any Googlerelated pages such as my blog. I think it must have been a bug or something like that. So my best friend Kadir helped rebooting my old PC and wow all of a sudden everything suddenly works so much faster. Thank you so much Kadir, youre the Man!!! :)

As some of you might recall Ive been preparing for F.A.C.T.S. Convention in Belgium, which took place in Ghent from October 17th - 18th. I have to say the show was really amazing, I met a bunch of new poeple and made some new friends too.
I also hat the pleasure to meet the great C.B. Cebulski and had a very good Portfolio review with him, of which I hope to be able to tell you something within the next weeks. I also met such great artists such as my buddy Giuseppe Cammuncoli, Romano and Eva Hopkins.

Here are some of the Photos that we shot during the show:

Me and C.B. Cebulski

Me and Giuseppe Cammuncoli
Me and Eva Hopkins
Me and Jimmy "The Haitian" Jean Louis from the TV Show Heroes
C.B. taking a power nap
Get on your knees "Rebel Scum!"
A Collage one of myFans did. Thanks so much :)
As you can see I was having a lot of fun during the show :-)

One week later I visited Comic Action Essen in Germany, which in many ways for me was very successfull too. I had the pleasure to meet such great Artists such as Clint Lengley, Linda Luksic Sejic, Stjepan Sejic and Joe Madureira. Sadly Im still having trouble uploading pictures on my Computer, so I promise I will have the pictures from that how up later on too.

Ive also have some really good news concerning my new work. My next Comic Book "Bald Eagle" will be published in Janurary 2010. You can find more infos on the book here .
Here´s a promo Picture of the Character I did back in May 2009
I also did a bunch of Sketchcards for Charity, which I will also upload soon.

But now to the really great News!!! In March 2010 my first official the Phantom Cover will be published!! Sadly I had to do some adjustments to the original Cover and change the Phantoms Face, because my publisher thought that the Phantom looked to Old.
However, heres the cover from thumbnail to the finished piece:


I think that was all the news I got for youall :)



Mateusz Maslon said...

Hey Sedat,
war echt cool Dich mal wieder auf der Con in Essen zu sehen.Hat echt spass gemacht mal wieder mit Dir zu quatchen.Deine original artworks und skizzen haben mir sehr gut gefallen,jetzt habe ich noch ein besseres bild davon was Du so im moment kreierst.weiter so!
Wie ich sehe hattest du viel spass auf der Con in Belgien gehabt.Bin schon mal sehr auf das gedruckte Phantom cover gespannt.Ich w√ľnsche Dir weiterhin viel erfolg und alles gute.Gruss,Mateusz

Tristan D. Vick said...

Looks like you had a blast!

Anonymous said...

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