Sunday, January 03, 2010

Wolverine "Disturbing Consequences" Marvel Samples...wonder what Consequences they will have for me...

Hey Folks,

First of all, Happy new Year! I hope that the new year will bring all of us more peace, freedom, luck and all the good things in the World:)

So as some of you might remember during my appearance at F.A.C.T.S 2009, I had a brief meeting with Marvel Talentscout C.B. Cebulski. He went through my Portfolio and seemed to like what he was seeing. He told me that he would try to hook me up with some Marvel Ediors that might be interested in me working with Marvel. After some time Ive recieved a bunch of of sample scripts based on my choice of favourite characters. I went through all the scripts, to make sure beeing able to pick the best script. After hours and hours of reading Ive decided that the Wolverine Script youre seeing here was the best one to suit my style and also would be the coolest one to draw.

Im going to send these pages to Marvel and Iam full of excitement, but Iam also trying not to be too excited because I personally think its always the best to hope for the best and expect the worst.

With those things said, I need you guys to wish me the best of luck.
Lets see what Marvel thinks.

Enjoy the Artwork!


Anonymous said...

ich mag seite 4 und 5. aber du hättest mich zwischendurch kontaktieren können. wegen einer 2ten meinung...
viel glück und frohes neues!

buyse said...

very nice.and in "the marvel way".i showed CB Cebulski my work at FACTS too and received a positive review,BUT i drew the pages my way and not marvel's way.i'll try it next time.
let's hope you get hired!

Mateusz Maslon said...

Hey Sedat!
die Seiten sehen schon ziemlich cool aus,obwohl ich nicht alle überzeugend finde.
Ich wünsche dir auf jedenfall viel Glück bei marvel.
Frohes neues und alles gute!

Tristan D. Vick said...

Heck yeah! And even if they don't put you on a flagship title, they might have you do a crappy back up story, or draw backgrounds, but heck... that would be working at Marvel!

Best wishes!

Omikron said...