Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bald Eagle

Hey Folks,

here are the pages for the series Im working on called Bald Eagle.
The Book was publieshed by the end of Fabruary.

Sadly the inks didnt turn out the way I was hoping, so Im definetly going to ink the next issue myself.

The story is part of a Air fighters anthology published by Moonstone Books.
You can find more out about it here.

Sadly my Submissions for Marvel werent convincing for them, so after finishing my next Bald Eagle Pages Ill send some new Submissions to Marvel again.

I hope you´ll enjoy the artwork.



Tristan D. Vick said...

Great detail here!

But with so many panels per page it seems like you're losing some space to draw some really dynamic angles and shots.

Many of these scenes seem straight forward, if the camera is just always aimed forward.

Don't be afraid to get real dynamic! That's probably what Marvel was looking for.

Your perspective is top notch. You're detail and texture is brilliant!

But many of your panels all blend together. Try to focus on making it appear as if in motion...

For example, you did this when you were doing the 'Scarecrow & Lady Kingston' drawings.

You had angles looking downward on coffee tables, you had Julie flying right at us and jumping as if she were going to pop out of the panel.

That's the magic I want to see again! Bring it back baby! Woo!

Tristan D. Vick said...

Just to give an example:

Page 6 looks extremely flat. I bet you could re-draw that and make it totally dynamic and really eye catching.

I understand your pain with the deadlines and lots of small panels, but if anyone can pull it off it's you bro.!

Persevere! Never give up!