Monday, March 12, 2007

Batman "Broken City" finished

Ok finally the Batman pages are done.
It took me 2 1/2 weeks of work putting all the time together i worked on the pages (during the time i did the pages Ive been working and had some familiystuff to handle too). It was a lot of fun drawing the pages, and even if I shouldnt get any work with these samples, I can say that it was a very good training for me. Ive leraned how to handle quality and quantity.

Ive woked from the Batman 620 script by Brian Azzarello and it was the first time that Ive worked on a pro Script.

As you can see the pages are very clean, that because Ive drawn the pages on printerpaper first and then traced them. Im not sure if im going to ink these pages, I guess it would be a lot of fun, but Im a little bit afraid to screw these pages.

On a side note, my nosesurgery will be on march the 19th (next monday).

Hope you all enjoy these pages. Let me know what you think and addsome comments :D
All the best,


Maciej said...

OMG! Avesome work! Full of fantastic panels!

I'm looking into your blog. Very impressive.

Greetings from Poland

daly city steven said...

uber-sweet. hope your operation goes well. how's your sweetie-pie? zee artwork is fantastique! love watching you progress as an artist. if you needed an artist rating of 10 to qualify as a genuine comic book artist, and 2 years ago you were at 4.0; i'd say that you're at 7.6 now. so your skill level has almost doubled. the sparks of genius are becoming more frequent; but still not yet consistent. just a bit more polishing up, and then the editors will be knocking on your door tossing you all kinds of scripts. i'm seeing you stretch a little bit in your range of faces. i really enjoy your rendition of batman. however, you still need to work on proportions. i think that when you draw a panel that has a complete body in it, the head-to-body ratio is still a little off. i think you draw heads a little too big for their bodies. please study how much longer bodies look in other comic books compared to yours. so just shrink your heads a little, or stretch out the bodies, and all will be well. sorry i haven't been on yahoo for awhile; i started a new job which has been keeping me constantly busy. can't wait to sell your art on ebay! janette and i are doing well. i've been trying to get more exercise by playing basketball. haven't worked out in about a month. (with weights) i saw frank miller's "300" movie last night........incredible. you'll love it. incredible angles, and perspectives. feast for the eyes! please tell your wife we said hello! how's married life going? drop me an email sometime: --- heal quickly and keep up the drawing. almost there baby! your friend in daly city, california, steven lim

dustin said...

great great stuff Sedat, i love the lighting is very dramatic and the people/figures work well for the whole gotham city feel. i cant belive you did so many pages as samples man. thats liek a whole book! good luck with it all, keep up the sweetness.

Rob said...

These pages are very nice, aside from a few little technical issues they look very professional.

Tristan Vick said...

You already have my critique. Good work, and I hope you turn some heads. Your pages look pro. caliber and if somebody would hire you then you'd be drawing enough to get that trademarked polished style which everyone will want to copy! I'm sure you'll go far. And when you get there, mention my name maybe? Haha. Thanks buddy.

jesshickman said...

REALLY nice work!
Are you planning on submitting this to DC?
-Jess (jesswogs from the charest forum)

SedatOezgen said...

so many comments! Im really gald youve all found your way here to my board. I really feel flattered and honored.

Maciej, thanks alot and Im glad you enjoyed the pages. great to have you posting here. greetings from cold old germany.

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, man I was wondering where youve been all the time. when ever I had my YIM on you wrent online, that was just too sad. Im really happy to finally hear something again from you. Sweetie Pie and I are doing well hope you and yor sugar cake are doing well too :D
Im really glad to hear that you like the developement I went through within the last months. I was working hard and Im more than ever before willing to walk the walk, even if its going to be a torture. I will work on the proportions and stuff, I think sometimes when I draw Im so lost that I dont realize the mistakes Im doing...
Ive seen "Pathfinder" yesterday and it was absolute trashy, hope 300 wont disappoint me. I will write you an email as soon as possible.
All the best wishes from me and Hindrin :)

Hey Dustin,
thanks alot! Im really gald that you have found your way here! I hope to meet you some day at a con so we can talk a little bit together, that would be awesome.Ive been trying to push mysel with these Pages onto a new level. I hope I was. The next ones will be much better I promise:)

Hey Rob,
thank you man! I think with routine and more dedication and determination I will be able to get rid of most of those weaknesses. Since Im not a pro its kinda hard to work everyday on new Pages. But i will do my best to get there.

thanks man thats too nice, I really cant Imagine how someone would copy my style, but it would be funny to see something like that. And dont worry I wont forget you buddy :)

Hey Jesshickman,
glad you found your way here and thanks for the nice words. I will send these Pages somewhen next week out to different Publishers and Editors and Hope for the best and expect the worst :)Im already in touch with a DC editor and hope that he will be the person to put his faith into me and my work.

Thank you all for visiting my blog. I hope to see you all more often here.
All the best,
Sedat :)

bathunter said...

Hi Sedat,
great art-work. you are going better and better.
Hope to seeyou you in Essen 2007 again.


Guenter W.(elky)