Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Well this was my first attempt at braodcasting myself.
Sadly the quality of my Cam isnt that super at all and the first part of the inking got deleted...*****
However, I guess the music could be a little bit confusing for most of the people watchng this video, since it is kurdish music, which is very differnt from western music.
When I draw i listen to that music all the time...probably the reason why Im a little bit messed up in the brain :)

I will try to do more of these videos.
Hope you all enjoy
p.s. in the beginning everything is a little bit hard to view but later it gets better


poppart said...

sieht cool aus, gefällt mir.
hut ab du comiczeichnermaschine ! =D
man sieht sich,

Tristan Vick said...

Fun stuff!

Figue said...

Cool vid, what's that leadholder you're using?