Tuesday, March 06, 2007

First Look - Batman "Broken City"

As some of you guys remember, Ive mentioned that Im working on a Batman script at the moment. Ive been really busy lately with work, family stuff and getting prepared for my surgery (which will be on march 19th) therefore I had to keep the art on the low.

This is a doublespread from the Batman script. Iam actually very cool with it, since the script gives the artist a lot of freedom for the first three pages, I thought it would be nice, showing Gotham how I imagine it to be. I didnt want to show anybody is getting shot or something, but rather a situation before or after a crime happens but also stuff like prostitution, gangbangers, drugdealers and lines of sexshops.
Ive been trying to use different angles for the scenes to make it look like we were fly through Gotham and watching all his crimes...

For these pages I started to work with a complete new work flow. I make small thumbnails to get an Idea how the finished page is going to look like, after that I draw the complete page on A3 printing paper and then I trace the whole page via lightbox. This is the best way for me to have the page looking clean and it also helps me to make the buildings look more believable, because when I trace the buildings, I dont use a ruler, what helps me to avoid the buildings to look made up and stiff.
Theres one more thing, which Iam actually really proud of, this was the first time ever I managed to draw one Page a day. The only reason why I cannot do more pages is that I have to go wto my dayjob too and have to wake up at 5 o´clock in the morning and Im coming back at 5 in the afternoon. And if you sleep for only one or two hours a day that can cause some serious issues, which will keep you even longer away from the desk...no bad excuse at all :)

I will try to post all the finished Pages by the end of the week. Tell me if you like it ...


Travel said...

your work is really beginning to transform

Schang said...

This is pretty NICE!!!

SedatOezgen said...

Hey Guys,
thanks a lot :)Im glad you enjoyed these Pages. I hope to have all the Pages done by sunday.
thanks for stopping by.
Sedat :D